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The Dorians are a four-member band based in Carbondale, Illinois, specializing in dance music from the Celtic traditions of Ireland and Scotland, and songs from Ireland, Scotland, England, and North America. The current members have been performing together since 1990.

The band's vocal repertoire includes humorous ballads, traditional love songs, songs of Irish and Scottish history and politics, and some old and new American folk songs.  Their instrumental repertoire ranges from Scottish and Irish reels and jigs to lovely slower tunes.  They have played throughout the midwest as well as Alaska for concert audiences, Highland games, weddings, dances, music and arts festivals, community fundraisers, elementary schools, colleges, historic re-enactments, academic conferences, and on public radio and television.
The band's versatile and talented musicians include:

      Bryan Kelso Crow as lead singer and playing flute, whistle and keyboard.  He is a native of Tennessee, with Scots-Irish roots, but he never heard traditional Celtic music until he was in college.
He learned to play the tin whistle while hiking the roads of Ireland in 1978, and has been playing the traditional wood flute since the mid-1980s.  He taught as an exchange professor at the University of Ulster, outside of Belfast, for the 1985-86 school year, and got to know many Irish musicians during that time.  He is a guest lecturer in the Irish Studies program at Southern Illinois University, and a member of the Coordinating Committee for the Southern Illinois Festival of Irish Music.
    In 1991 He launched "Celtic Connections" as a local radio program featuring Celtic music. The program moved to national syndication in July 1996 and can now be heard on over 100 public radio stations across the U.S..

Mickey Soltys is an accomplished fiddler and guitarist.  He is originally from Wycliffe, Kentucky and has performed extensively in other bands and genres in the region before joining The Dorians. He has studied many of the Irish fiddling styles from both his extensive collection of recordings as well as traveling to Ireland. In addition to his interest in Celtic  music he is an expert on old-time Missouri fiddling. He also plays regularly for the local contra dance society, "Friends of Traditional Music and Dance".

Mike Shanahan plays guitar and cittern, and specializes in the singing of immigration and other historical ballads. Mike has been performing folk music since his teens. Originally from Ohio, he has performed with several old-time bands in Ann Arbor, MI and Madison, WI. It was in Madison in the early 1980's that he became involved in promoting and playing Irish music and played in a local band, Bogside (aka Boxty) before moving to Carbondale, Illinois. There he met Bryan Crow and they formed the Dorians. He has studied guitar with Daithe Sproule, Zan McLeod and Jed Foley and performs mainly using the DADGAD guitar tuning.  Mike is also the Entertainment Coordinator for the Southern Illinois Irish Festival
    In addition to playing guitar he also plays a Stefan Sobell 10-string cittern and 5-string banjo.

Elana Floyd-Kennett has recently rejoined the band after a long hiatus. She performs as lead vocalist for the group and plays keyboards as well as several percussion instruments including the Irish goatskin drum (bodhran) and the djembe.