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The pickup is the source and foundation of any amplification system. Get it right   and good results will follow easily. To that end, all LR Baggs pickups are engineered to faithfully amplify the instrument and to deliver great results with no hassle.

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PICKUPS:  (descriptions follow, Pickup Systems are further down)

M1 Soundhole Passive Magnetic Pickup

  Soundhole magnet pickup with body sensors, pickup responds to the string vibration along with the body vibrations. • Completely passive operation: no batteries to worry about • Quiet, hum-free operation under the most challenging live conditions • Highly feedback resistant • Adjustable pole pieces with smooth threadless tops preserve fingerstylists' nails • Built-in gold-plated 1/8" jack makes moving or removing the pickup a snap • Includes a prewired strapjack harness and a 12' Mogami audiophile-grade cable


Ribbon Transducer™     (passive shown here)

      A GREAT undersaddle pickup for acoustic guitar and is a key element in many of their combined preamp systems. This high-tech, laser-trimmed wonder is thin and flexible, fits any string spacing and gives an exceptional natural reproduction for any type of single pickup  made. Works great for acoustic bass guitar, too!  The key feature that separates the RT from other pickups is that its sensor is responsive to vibration but not to pressure. This minimizes that unpleasant, dry, stringy sound that is characteristic of pressure-sensitive undersaddle pickups. As the guitar top moves with the vibrations of the strings, so does the RT sensor, naturally reflecting the actual sound and dynamics of your guitar.

LB6 Series™              

 LB6 SeriesThe legendary LB6 pickup (LB12 for 12-string guitars) is the first unitary saddle pickup for acoustic guitar. The sensors are cast right into the saddle for high output, great sensitivity and presence. Still preferred by many top pros.

iBEAM  Pickups

The iBeam Active System combines a patent pending bridge plate transducer with an all-discrete class "A" endpin preamp that enables you to simply "plug-in-and-play".  The user installable iBeam reproduces the natural tone of an acoustic guitar while maintaining perfect string balance and providing full dynamic range. 


Violin and Viola Pickups

 Violin PickupBridge Pickup.   The choice of top pros like Mark O Connor, Alison Krauss, Jean-Luc Ponty and Darol Anger, the LR Baggs Violin Pickup sets the standard. It features a miniature directional vibration sensor, cast into the bridge itself, for unsurpassed warmth and sensitivity.

Radius External Mount Pickup. This new soundboard transducer pickup offers a unique approach to amplifying small higher register instruments such as the violin and mandolin. A thin film sensor is suspended between two neodymium magnets and encased in a small capsule which mounts to the instrument's outside surface with a non-destructive adhesive pad. The sensor is very responsive to top vibrations. Installation is simple and requires no permanent alteration of your instrument. Includes a 1/4" carpenter jack that clamps to the side of the instrument. The frequency response is linear, silky smooth and accurate with an astonishing natural and effortless sound. Unlike most soundboard transducers, the Radius is also very tolerant to placement and works well in a variety of locations. The output of the device is quite strong which allows passive use with a normal length cord without a preamp into most acoustic amps, although a preamp will improve performence.



X-BridgeAdd great acoustic sound to your trusty Strat® with our cool new and easy to install bridge replacement pickup. Models available in chrome or gold for US Standard, Vintage and Fixed Bridge Strats®.

Acoustic guitar pickups can be used alone or in combination with other kinds of internal condenser or transducer style pickups as well as preamplification devices.  There are a variety of such systems available from L.R. Baggs suitable for every budget and need.


These systems are engineered to assure great sound and hassle-free performance right out of the box. Baggs makes many different systems from simple to complex. Each is engineered for a specific purpose all of the highest quality.  These systems sound great because the electronics are designed to remove the layers of opacity and noise that keep the pickup from realizing its full potential. All you need to do is choose the right system for your application or budget and enjoy its great sound and performance.

Element Active System                                                                                                                                             System includes Element undersaddle transducer, pre-contoured all-discrete Class A endpin preamp with a small, removable soundhole-mounted volume control, and a battery bag. The Element will fit most common string spacings and saddle widths. Uses single 9 volt battery.  

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Ribbon Transducer System™
The RTS2 System combines the Ribbon Transducer with a miniature all discrete,Class A preamp that mounts unobtrusively inside of the guitar. A removable soundhole mounted volume controller is included.

Dual Source System™          

                                                                           Dual Source

A miniature all discrete, Class A stereo mixer seamlessly combines the Ribbon Transducer and a FET condenser microphone. It mounts unobtrusively inside the instrument, without cutting, and features a soundhole mounted controller for fingertip control of volume and mic level. The ultimate system for your finest guitar. And , it is now compatable with other pickups and mini-mics.


             iMix System

The iMix™ combines the iBeam™ and Element™ pickups with a miniature all-discrete class A FET preamp/stereo mixer. With the acclaimed fidelity of the iBeam and the presence and feedback resistance of the Element, the versatile iMix is ideal for any venue.  And with its adjustable mid contour controls for both the iBeam and Element -- and a low cut control for the iBeam -- perfected tone is available for any guitar. Our exclusive soundhole-mounted dual controller, the Remote Control II, is a big advantage for stage use. It attaches non-destructively to the underside of the soundhole, and puts master volume and mix controls at your fingertips.

           iMix Onboard System

The iMix Onboard is an onboard drop-in retrofit system that combines the iBeam with the Element™ undersaddle pickups and a side-mounted preamp/EQ with mix control that features volume, treble, bass, notch filter and phase inversion controls.  It is available in an onboard retrofit system,  designed to directly upgrade many factory-installed systems, such as those found on Martin™ and Taylor™ guitars, with no additional cutting or soldering required (for direct retrofits). 

It comes with onboard preamp, iBeam and Element pickups and pre-wired Strapjack.  This system is recommended for players who want the iBeam's incredible fidelity, but need the presence and snap of a high-quality undersaddle pickup, or for performers playing in diverse situations and environments


          Element Onboard System



The Element undersaddle transducer is also now available in an onboard retrofit system, with a side-mounted class A preamp/EQ that features volume, treble, bass, notch filter and phase inversion controls. This system is designed to directly upgrade many factory-installed systems, such as those found on Martin™ and Taylor™ guitars, with no additional cutting or soldering required (for direct retrofits).

The Element boasts impressive body sensitivity and articulation, and has the most dynamic range of any undersaddle pickup. The preamp's all-discrete circuitry is based on our award-winning Para D.I., and is specially voiced for the Element.



LR Baggs electronics are some of the very finest in any field of audio.Their preamps are all designed to amplify the pickup with the highest level of fidelity. To maintain the purity of the signal,  all discrete, Class A circuitry primarily is used with as few parts in the signal path as possible.

Para Acoustic D.I.™ Para Acoustic D.I.
Rave reviews from Mix Magazine, studios and musicians worldwide are quickly establishing the Para Acoustic DI as the best sounding and most versatile outboard EQ preamp for acoustic instruments ever created. It features an ultra-quiet all discrete, Class A FET input stage, a phantom powerable XLR, a 5-band EQ with two tunable bands and phase reversal. From clubs to the studio, it's all the preamp youll ever need.


The Gigpro is a single-channel belt clip preamp that will work with most pickups.  It also provides 9V phantom power for mini-mics and other phantom powered onboard electronics.  We have pared the features down to the bare essentials but you will find everything you need to get the best sound possible from your pickup.  The EQ, for example, has only two bands plus a variable low cut but you will be amazed at how flexible and intuitive it is to use.



The Mixpro is a dual input belt clip preamp/mixer that will allow you to perfectly combine two of just about any sort of pickup or mini-mic. It places every essential control you need right at your fingertips eliminating the need to butcher a prize guitar for on-board electronics – or to carry around a heavy, clunky rack. The Mixpro provides "phantom" power to both channels and, when it is used with the Buffer Jack accessory, you can say goodbye to batteries on your guitar!


Feedback Master

Play Louder and sound better. LR Baggs announces an indispensable electronics widget, the Feedback Master, that is sure to find its way into every performing acoustic musician's kit bag. With TWO unique proprietary surgically narrow fixed depth sweepable filters and phase inversion the Feedback Master has everything you need to easily control feedback without ruining your sound.  The circuitry is 100% analog, pure class A and all discrete for pure sweet sound and is the best sounding feedback suppression method available. The Feedback Master will work with virtually any pickup, active OR passive. The Feedback Master comes with both a belt clip and a microphone stand adapter.

I-Beam Active PreAmp
For guitars that already have a passive iBeam pickup installed. Component includes preamp with integral endpin jack. Professional retrofit installation highly recommended.


Dual Source Preamp Dual Source
Like a rack in a matchbox, the all discrete, Class A "universal" on-board mixer
will perfectly blend most popular pickups and mini-mics together - right on the guitar! It mounts inside the instrument, without cutting. It features mono or stereo output and a soundhole mounted controller for fingertip control of volume and mic level.

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Remote Control Remote Control

  This soundhole mounted controller is an optional add-on for the Ribbon Transducer System and the Micro Drive II


Remote Control


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